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(2013) An 8 years retrospective study of breast cancer incidence in ilam province, Western iran. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR. pp. 2923-5. ISSN 2249-782X (Print) 0973-709X (Linking)

(2013) Assessment of lead and cadmium levels in frequently used cosmetic products in Iran. Journal of environmental and public health. p. 962727. ISSN 1687-9813 (Electronic) 1687-9805 (Linking)

(2013) Assessment of the prevalence of occupational accidents and their influential actors in an electricity distribution company during a five-year period. Electronic physician. pp. 643-50. ISSN 2008-5842 (Print) 2008-5842 (Linking)

(2013) Cloning of Vibrio cholerae outer membrane protein W in Pichia pastoris. Iranian journal of microbiology. pp. 252-8. ISSN 2008-3289 (Print) 2008-3289 (Linking)

(2013) Collaboration in research and the influential factors in Golestan University of Medical Sciences research projects (2005-2007): an academic sample from Iran. Medical journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran. pp. 101-8. ISSN 1016-1430 (Print) 1016-1430 (Linking)

(2013) Comparison effect of oral propranolol and oxytocin versus oxytocin only on induction of labour in nulliparous women (a double blind randomized trial). Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR. pp. 2567-9. ISSN 2249-782X (Print) 0973-709X (Linking)

(2013) Contribution of AcrAB efflux pump to ciprofloxacin resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from burn patients. Gms Hygiene and Infection Control. Doc15. ISSN 2196-5226 (Print) 2196-5226 (Linking)

(2013) Determination of Job Stresses and Their Consequences in Drivers in Ilam. Electronic physician. pp. 594-8. ISSN 2008-5842 (Print) 2008-5842 (Linking)

(2013) Diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunctions and osteoporosis: is there an association? Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders. p. 38. ISSN 2251-6581 (Print) 2251-6581 (Linking)

(2013) Effect of acupressure on post-operative nausea and vomiting in cesarean section: a randomised controlled trial. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR. pp. 2247-9. ISSN 2249-782X (Print) 0973-709X (Linking)

(2013) Effect of essential oil of Rosa Damascena on human colon cancer cell line SW742. Gastroenterology and hepatology from bed to bench. pp. 25-31. ISSN 2008-2258 (Print) 2008-2258 (Linking)

(2013) Effects of Meperidine on Pain Intensity and Accuracy of Clinical Diagnosis in Patients with Acute Abdominal Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Bulletin of emergency and trauma. pp. 152-7. ISSN 2322-2522 (Print) 2322-2522 (Linking)

(2013) Effects of Nanoparticles on the Environment and Outdoor Workplaces. Electronic physician. pp. 706-12. ISSN 2008-5842 (Print) 2008-5842 (Linking)

(2013) Effects of nutrition education on levels of nutritional awareness of pregnant women in Western iran. International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. pp. 175-8. ISSN 1726-913X (Print) 1726-913X (Linking)

(2013) Factors influencing men entering the nursing profession, and understanding the challenges faced by them: Iranian and developed countries' perspectives. Nursing and Midwifery Studies. pp. 49-56. ISSN 2322-1488 (Print) 2322-1488 (Linking)

(2013) Functionalization of MWNT-COOH by one-step reaction with (3-oxoindolin-2-ylidene) urea and in vitro antitumor study on gastric cancer. Gastroenterology and hepatology from bed to bench. S39-44. ISSN 2008-2258 (Print) 2008-2258 (Linking)

(2013) Gastric cardia adenocarcinoma pathway analysis. Gastroenterology and hepatology from bed to bench. S11-8. ISSN 2008-2258 (Print) 2008-2258 (Linking)

(2013) Her2/neu Expression in Wilms' Tumor and Correlation With Histopathologic Findings. Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention. pp. 160-4. ISSN 2008-2398 (Print) 2008-2398 (Linking)

(2013) Investigation of Occupational Stress and its Relationship with the Demographic Characteristics of Workers in Ilam, Iran. Electronic physician. pp. 611-5. ISSN 2008-5842 (Print) 2008-5842 (Linking)

(2013) Investigation of qualitative and quantitative of volatile organic compounds of ambient air in the Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex in 2009. Journal of Research in Health Sciences. pp. 69-74. ISSN 2228-7809 (Electronic) 2228-7795 (Linking)

(2013) Molecular approaches in obesity studies. Gastroenterology and hepatology from bed to bench. S23-31. ISSN 2008-2258 (Print) 2008-2258 (Linking)

(2013) New features of fascioliasis in human and animal infections in Ilam province, Western Iran. Gastroenterology and hepatology from bed to bench. pp. 152-5. ISSN 2008-2258 (Print) 2008-2258 (Linking)

(2013) Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome. BMJ case reports. ISSN 1757-790X (Electronic) 1757-790X (Linking)

(2013) Treatment of waste sludge: a comparison between anodic oxidation and electro-Fenton processes. Journal of Research in Health Sciences. pp. 188-93. ISSN 2228-7809 (Electronic) 2228-7795 (Linking)

(2013) Trends of postpartum depression in iran: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Depression research and treatment. p. 291029. ISSN 2090-1321 (Print) 2090-1321 (Linking)

(2013) siRNA therapeutics in the treatment of diseases. Therapeutic delivery. pp. 45-57. ISSN 2041-5990 (Print) 2041-5990 (Linking)

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