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Thu May 23 02:25:00 2024
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(2023) An Expert Overview on Therapies in Non-Transfusion-Dependent Thalassemia: Classical to Cutting Edge in Treatment. Hemoglobin. pp. 56-70. ISSN 0363-0269

(2022) The Effects of Toxic Heavy Metals Lead, Cadmium and Copper on the Epidemiology of Male and Female Infertility. JBRA assisted reproduction. ISSN 1518-0557 (Electronic) 1517-5693 (Linking)

(2022) Iranian Native Medicinal Plants Affecting Staphylococcus aureus as Septic Pathogens: An updated Review. Egyptian Journal of Veterinary Science. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1110-0222

(2021) In vitro antileishmanial activity of hydroalcoholic Thymbra spicata extract on Leishmania major promastigotes. Annals of parasitology. pp. 237-241. ISSN 2299-0631 (Print) 2299-0631 (Linking)

(2021) Phytotherapy for Wound Healing: The Most Important Herbal Plants in Wound Healing Based on Iranian Ethnobotanical Documents. Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry. pp. 500-519. ISSN 1389-5575

(2020) Infections, inflammation, and risk of neuropsychiatric disorders: the neglected role of "co-infection". Heliyon. e05645. ISSN 2405-8440 (Print) 2405-8440 (Linking)

(2020) Photocatalytic degradation of microcystin-LR using BiVO4 photocatalysts under visible light irradiation: modelling by response surface methodology (RSM). International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. ISSN 03067319 (ISSN)

(2020) Phytotherapy for wound healing: The most important herbal plants in wound healing based on Iranian etnobotanical documents. Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry. ISSN 1875-5607 (Electronic) 1389-5575 (Linking)

(2020) Trichomonas Vaginalis Infection Among Women Attending Laboratory Centers in Ilam, Iran. Infectious disorders drug targets. pp. 98-101. ISSN 2212-3989 (Electronic) 1871-5265 (Linking)

(2019) Trichomonas Vaginalis Infection among Women Attending laboratory Centers in Ilam, Iran. Infectious disorders drug targets. ISSN 2212-3989 (Electronic) 1871-5265 (Linking)

(2018) Molecular Identification and Phylogenetic Classification of Leishmania spp. Isolated from Human Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Iran: A Cross-sectional Study. Iranian Journal of Parasitology. pp. 351-361. ISSN 1735-7020

(2017) Medicinal plants used for kidney pain. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. pp. 542-546. ISSN 09751459 (ISSN)

(2017) Trends in 5-, 10-, 20-, and 30-year survival rates of beta-thalassemia patients in Southern Iran, 1995-2016: A retrospective cohort study. Journal of Public Health Research. pp. 153-157. ISSN 2279-9028

(2016) Streptococcus Pneumonia phytotherapy. Journal of Global Pharma Technology. pp. 21-25. ISSN 09758542 (ISSN)

(2016) A review of analgesic medicinal plants in Iran. Der Pharmacia Lettre. pp. 43-51. ISSN 09755071 (ISSN)

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