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What is missed in self-immolated patients' care?: a grounded theory study

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(2012) What is missed in self-immolated patients' care?: a grounded theory study. Journal of Clinical Nursing. pp. 3418-3428. ISSN 0962-1067

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Aims and objectives To explore rehabilitation care process in patients who commit self-immolation. Background Self-immolation is not only a type of burn injury, but it is also a suicidal method. It is placed in burn injury category that requires long-term rehabilitation and treatment measures. As a suicidal method, among all forms of suicidal attempts, it is the most dramatic, violent and often difficult one to understand. Unfortunately, there are few reported studies investigating experiences and perceptions of nurses about burn care and with qualitative study about the patients' experiences and perceptions. Design On the basis of the research question, the grounded theory method was used. Methods Considering ethical codes of Belmont and Helsinki statements, purposive sampling was used to select the participants. The patients were deliberately selected, based on the research needs. They were self-immolated patients being referred to Talaghani hospital of Ilam (western Iran) or discharged previously (time of interview and observation ranged from immediately later the burn till 5 years after), in Ilam, where self-immolation rate is very high. The main methods for data collection were deep, open ended, semi-structured interviews, dairies and observations. The interviews were audio taped in Persian, and verbatim transcriptions were made. By doing so, semantic meaning is preserved, and misinterpretation of data due to translation into English is minimised. Data analysis was conducted using the Strauss and Corbin method. Results Five main categories were emerged: situation of crisis unprofessional care, prolongation and formidability of the journey, self-immolation as paralyse, and attempt for self-management. Finally, by constant, comparison of collected data and emerged categories, central variable entitled unintegrated care emerged as the main problem of self-immolated patients' care. Conclusion The study comes to the conclusion that we need to focus on specific considerations to provide integrated care for the burned patients as it is a decisive component of care that is missed. Relevance to clinical practice Although self-immolation requires long-term treatment and social, emotional rehabilitation, such a rehabilitation care process is not clear.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: grounded theory rehabilitation care self-immolation burns iran Nursing
Page Range: pp. 3418-3428
Journal or Publication Title: Journal of Clinical Nursing
Journal Index: ISI
Volume: 21
Number: 23-24
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ISSN: 0962-1067
Depositing User: مهندس مهدی شریفی

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