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Global and Regional Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy; A Comprehensive Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

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(2022) Global and Regional Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy; A Comprehensive Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Seminars in Ophthalmology. pp. 291-306. ISSN 0882-0538

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Purpose We conducted a systematic search to estimate DR prevalence in different age and gender groups, and to evaluate the determinants of heterogeneity in its prevalence. Methods A systematic and comprehensive search from inception to August 10, 2020, was done in international databases, including Scopus, PubMed, Web of Science, Embase, and other data sources without any restriction to find cross-sectional studies related to the prevalence of DR. Results Of 6399 studies, 90 articles with a sample size of 563460 individuals and 204189 diabetic patients were analyzed. The estimated pooled prevalence of DR in the diabetic population in general; in female and in male was 28.41 (95 CI: 25.98 to 30.84); 25.93 (95 CI: 23.54 to 28.31) and 28.95 (95 CI: 26.57 to 31.32); respectively and the prevalence of DR showed no inter-gender difference. The heterogeneity of the pooled prevalence according to I-2 was 99 (p < .001). According to the meta-regression results, the variables of WHO region (Coefficient of AMRO vs SEARO: 15.56; p: 0.002), age (Coefficient of above 60 years vs below 40 year: 18.67; p: 0.001), type of DR (Coefficient: 19.01; p < .001), and publication year (Coefficient: -0.60; p: 0.001) had a significant correlation with heterogeneity. Conclusion One third of diabetic patients suffered from DR, mostly NPDR. DR increased markedly after the age of 60 years, which could be due to the longer duration of diabetes. Age, WHO region, type of DR, and publication year affected the heterogeneity in the prevalence of DR.

Item Type: Article
Ostadimoghaddam, H.UNSPECIFIED
Khabazkhoob, M.UNSPECIFIED
Keywords: Diabetic retinopathy Global and regional prevalence Systematic review Meta-analysis korea national-health risk-factors eye-diseases threatening retinopathy singapore-epidemiology elderly population visual impairment black-population chinese patients framingham eye Ophthalmology
Page Range: pp. 291-306
Journal or Publication Title: Seminars in Ophthalmology
Journal Index: ISI
Volume: 37
Number: 3
Identification Number:
ISSN: 0882-0538
Depositing User: مهندس مهدی شریفی

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