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HLA-DRB1*15:03 and HLA-DRB1*11: useful predictive alleles for alloantibody production in thalassemia patients

Wed Jun 19 02:31:27 2024

(2019) HLA-DRB1*15:03 and HLA-DRB1*11: useful predictive alleles for alloantibody production in thalassemia patients. Transfusion Medicine. pp. 179-184. ISSN 0958-7578

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Background and Objectives Recently, thalassemia has been introduced as a chronic disease. In spite of prolonging life in thalassemia patients, the quality of their life has not significantly improved. One of the challenges that makes their quality of life poor is alloimmunisation which causes several complications to patients by restricting their options. Some individuals are more susceptible to developing an alloantibody than others. They are categorised as responders and non-responders. Determining responders before the first transfusion allows transfusion services to provide compatible blood and prevent alloimmunisation. The aim of the present study was to determine the relationship between HLA-DRB1*15:03, HLA-DRB1*11 and HLA-DRB1*09:01 alleles and alloimmunisation in Iranian thalassemia patients. Materials and Methods Antibody screening tests were performed by tube method, and HLA-DRB1 genotyping was determined by Sequence-Specific Primers (SSP-PCR) in 59 alloimmunised and 205 non-alloimmunised patients. HLA-DRB1 allele frequencies were compared between alloantibody-positive and -negative groups through the chi(2) test. Results HLA-DRB1*15:03 allele frequency was significantly different between groups (P = 0 center dot 000, odds ratio (OR) = 4 center dot 193). There was a correlation between HLA-DRB1*11 and anti-K (P = 0 center dot 000, OR = 6 center dot 643). There was no association between HLA-DRB1*09:01 and alloimmunisation (P = 0 center dot 350). Conclusions According to our results, detecting HLA-DRB1*15:03 and HLA-DRB1*11 alleles are useful in the pre-transfusion test and could determine responder patients and improve transfusion safety.

Item Type: Article
Pourfathollah, A. A.UNSPECIFIED
Keywords: alloimmunisation HLA-DRB1 responder thalassemia red-blood-cell rbc alloimmunization beta-thalassemia transfusion hla-drb1 disease hla pathophysiology association frequencies Hematology
Page Range: pp. 179-184
Journal or Publication Title: Transfusion Medicine
Journal Index: ISI
Volume: 29
Number: 3
Identification Number:
ISSN: 0958-7578
Depositing User: مهندس مهدی شریفی

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