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In Vivo, In Vitro and Pharmacologic Models of Parkinson's Disease

Wed Jun 19 06:50:28 2024

(2019) In Vivo, In Vitro and Pharmacologic Models of Parkinson's Disease. Physiological Research. pp. 17-24. ISSN 0862-8408

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Parkinson's disease (PD), which is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer's disease, is firstly defined after James Parkinson's report. It carries motor symptoms such as resting tremor, bradykinesia and rigidity of skeletal muscle and freezing of gait. Furthermore, non-motor symptoms such as cognitive and behavioral problems, besides sensory impairments are seen in the patients. However, they may also suffer from sleep disorders or autonomic dysfunction. Although there are some medications in order to symptomatic management, but unfortunately, scientist could not have found exact approaches to cure this disease. Hence, producing a model which can express the most pathophysiologic and behavioral aspects of the disease is a desire. In this paper, we aimed to describe the different models of Parkinson's disease in brief.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Parkinson's disease in vivo/vitro models environmental risk-factors alpha-synuclein potassium channel dopaminergic-neurons oxidative stress basal ganglia animal-models manganese paraquat degeneration Physiology
Page Range: pp. 17-24
Journal or Publication Title: Physiological Research
Journal Index: ISI
Volume: 68
Number: 1
Identification Number:
ISSN: 0862-8408
Depositing User: مهندس مهدی شریفی

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