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Evaluation of Histopathologic Changes in Pulp and Follicle Tissues in Impacted Third Molar in Patients Under 40 Years of Age

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(2019) Evaluation of Histopathologic Changes in Pulp and Follicle Tissues in Impacted Third Molar in Patients Under 40 Years of Age. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences-Jemds. pp. 3089-3093. ISSN 2278-4748

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BACKGROUND Removal of third molars is one of the most commonly used procedures in dental surgery. Awareness of the pattern of impaction and associated pathologies can prevent a number of specific problems. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the incidence of third molar tooth and its histopathology in patients referred to the dental clinic of Ilam University of Medical Sciences. METHODS This descriptive-analytic study was conducted on patients who for any reason complained of impacted third molar teeth. In this evaluation, 50 impacted teeth with normal follicular space were measured in panoramic radiography. Then, under local anaesthesia, follicle and tooth were removed by surgery and placed in a 10 formalin container. The specimens were stained with H & E after preparation in the lab. Then, the histological profile of the tooth and its pulp structure were studied. The hard tissue of the teeth was placed in a 5 nitric acid solution before cutting. Data obtained from this study were analysed using descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, percentage and frequency) and Fisher's exact test (chi-square) and software SPSS Ver.19. Significance is reported at p< 0.05. RESULTS Out of 50 dental follicles examined, 44 (22 cases) of pathologic changes showed that 20 had inflammation. Of these, 16 cases (32) were related to male patients and 34 cases (68) were related to female patients. The percentage of pathologic changes in the follicles obtained from female patients was 77.3 (17 cases) and in male patients (22.7) (n= 5) (p= 0.17). The age range was 19-40 years. The mean and standard deviation of the age of the patients was 26.7 +/- 1.5, most of them in the third decade of age. There was no statistically significant relationship between age and pathologic changes (p= 0.17). Of the examined cases, 32 follicles (64) were related to the maxilla and 18 of the follicles (36) were related to the jaw. Pathologic changes in maxilla were 18.1 (4 cases) and in lower mandible (81.9) (18 cases). There was no significant correlation between the location of follicles in third molar teeth and pathologic changes (p= 0.37). Comparing frequency of dental pulp cells include odontoblast, fibroblast and immune cells, there was no statistically significant difference, (p=0.610). CONCLUSIONS Pathologic changes related to aging in dental pulp and follicle of impacted wisdom tooth is inappreciable; remaining impacted wisdom tooth doesn't lead to clinical/pathologic problems in patients, but it is recommended to extract these teeth in young ages (below 35) so as to accelerate healing process and reduce surgery complications.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Tooth Follicle Pulp Pathologic Changes pathology adults General & Internal Medicine
Page Range: pp. 3089-3093
Journal or Publication Title: Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences-Jemds
Journal Index: ISI
Volume: 8
Number: 41
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ISSN: 2278-4748
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