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Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns and distribution of BlaAXA genes among Acinetobacter spp. isolated from patients at Tehran hospitals

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(2008) Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns and distribution of BlaAXA genes among Acinetobacter spp. isolated from patients at Tehran hospitals. Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases. pp. 274-278. ISSN 13446304 (ISSN)

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Multiple drug-resistant strains of Acinetobacter have created therapeutic problems worldwide. This study was conducted to determine the antimicrobial susceptibility patterns and prevalence of blaOXA-type carbapenemases among isolates of Acinetobacter spp. obtained from Iranian patients. Here, 128 Acinetobacter isolates were identified at the species level, and their susceptibilities to different antibiotics were determined using disk agar diffusion testing. Isolates were then subjected to multiplex-PCR targeting blaOXA genes. More than 50 of the isolates showed multidrug resistance to different antibiotics. The rates of susceptibility to imipenem, meropenem, piperacillin-tazobactam, and amikacin were 50.7, 50, 42.1, and 38.2, respectively. The MICs of carbapenems for the resistant isolates ranged from 64 to ≥256 μg/ml. All strains of Acinetobacter baumannii possessed a blaOXA-51-like gene. The co-existence of blaOXA-51-like/blaOXA-23-like and blaOXA-51-like/blaOXA-24-like was detected in 25 (n = 32) and 17.9 (n = 23) of the isolates, respectively. Over 70 of carbapenem-resistant strains contained at least two genes encoding OXA-type carbapenemase. Resistance to carbapenems in the population of Acinetobacter strains in Iran is high, with the majority of isolates showing multidrug resistance. A wide diversity of OXA genes exists among the strains of A. baumannii in Iran. Detection of blaOXA-51-like can be used as a simple and reliable method to differentiate A. baumannii strains from other species.

Item Type: Article
Fathollahzadeh, B.UNSPECIFIED
Taherikalani, M.UNSPECIFIED
Rasoolinejad, M.UNSPECIFIED
Sadeghifard, N.UNSPECIFIED
Mohammadi-Yegane, S.UNSPECIFIED
Keywords: amikacin amoxicillin amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid ampicillin antibiotic agent carbapenem derivative carbapenemase cefotaxime cefotetan ceftazidime ceftriaxone ciprofloxacin gentamicin imipenem levofloxacin meropenem netilmicin piperacillin piperacillin plus tazobactam protein blaOXA sultamicillin timentin tobramycin Acinetobacter baumannii agar diffusion antibiotic sensitivity article bacterial strain bacterium isolation controlled study enzyme localization genetic code genetic variability human Iran major clinical study minimum inhibitory concentration multidrug resistance nonhuman polymerase chain reaction prevalence quantitative analysis reliability species differentiation species identification Acinetobacter Acinetobacter Infections Anti-Bacterial Agents Bacterial Proteins beta-Lactamases Cross Infection Drug Resistance, Bacterial Hospitalization Humans Microbial Sensitivity Tests
Page Range: pp. 274-278
Journal or Publication Title: Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases
Journal Index: Scopus
Volume: 61
Number: 4
ISSN: 13446304 (ISSN)
Depositing User: مهندس مهدی شریفی

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