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Menstruation phytotherapy according to iran ethnobotanical sources

Tue Jul 23 03:12:27 2024

(2017) Menstruation phytotherapy according to iran ethnobotanical sources. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. pp. 986-990. ISSN 09751459 (ISSN)

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Menstruation (bleeding of uterine periods) is a natural, physiological process and part of the active life of young women around the world and most women of reproductive age experience it. Any disruption in the menstrual cycle can cause concern for women; thus it requires accurate assessment of the treatment. Menstrual disorders occur in different age groups in women. These disorders have differential diagnosis and therefore different diagnostic and therapeutic procedures depending on the age group. Attempts were made in this review study to introduce medicinal plants used in Iran Ethnobotanical resources used to treat menstrual disorders. The articles were searched using keyword, such as menstruation, Ethnobotanical, Iran and medicinal plants. Search was carried out in databases, such as ISC, SID, Magiran and a number of other local databases. Based on the results of this study sage, sumac, lion’s tail, marjoram, fennel, nettle, yarrow, makhlase, cumin, oregano, thyme, Peganum harmala, red clover, Asteraceae, Teucrium polium, etc. have been used in the treatment of menstrual disorders as medicinal herbs in Iran medicine. These medicinal herbs may be effective against menstrual disorders due to their bioactive substances and antioxidants and pave the way for the implementation of research on and production of natural medicines affecting menstrual disorders. © 2017, Pharmainfo Publications. All rights reserved.

Item Type: Article
Tajallaie-Asl, F.UNSPECIFIED
Keywords: Ethnobotany Medicinal herbs Menstruation Sexual dysfunction Anacardiaceae Apiaceae Article Asteraceae Boraginaceae Cupressaceae Iran Lamiaceae legume menstruation disorder phytotherapy Rosaceae Valerianaceae Zygophyllaceae
Page Range: pp. 986-990
Journal or Publication Title: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
Journal Index: Scopus
Volume: 9
Number: 6
ISSN: 09751459 (ISSN)
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