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The Effect of Continuous Care Model on the Sleep Quality of Hemodialysis Patients

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(2016) The Effect of Continuous Care Model on the Sleep Quality of Hemodialysis Patients. Nephro-urology monthly. e35467. ISSN 2251-7006 (Print) 2251-7006 (Linking)

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BACKGROUND: One of the most prevalent problems in hemodialysis patients is sleep disturbance. Poor sleep quality has unpleasant bio-psycho-social outcomes. The positive effects of implementing the continuous care model (CCM) were verified with different variables, including sleep quality. This study was done with different populations, using two groups. OBJECTIVES: This study aims to identify the sleep quality of hemodialysis patients in the city of Ilam and determine the effects of CCM on sleep quality. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We performed a quasi-experimental research study with 56 hemodialysis patients at the Shahid Mostafa Hospital in Ilam during 2014 and 2015. Pretests and posttests were conducted with the study groups and the control groups. Pretests were conducted over a one-month period, then repeated immediately before the study. Posttests were conducted immediately after the study and then repeated one month later. Participants were selected by census method and randomly divided into two groups. Ethical considerations were observed. Based on the continuous care model, interventions were performed through educational sessions over a three-week period. Consultations for continuous sleep monitoring, controls, and evaluations were conducted with the study group over the next nine weeks. Data were gathered from patient demographics questionnaires and PQSI, then introduced in SPSS 22 and analyzed with descriptive and analytic statistics (t-paired, ANOVA with repeated measures, follow-up tests such as S-N-K, Duncan, Sheffe and Tukey). RESULTS: One month prior to the study, 94.6 of the participants suffered from poor sleep quality. Immediately before and after the study, 91 complained of poor sleep quality. And one month after intervention, the figure dropped to 82. Applying the CCM positively affected the sleep quality of hemodialysis patients in Ilam, and was statistically meaningful one month after intervention (P = 0.001). CONCLUSIONS: Hemodialysis patients need a consistent care plan to manage poor sleep quality. This research has proven the effectiveness of implementing CCM as an intervention for improving the sleep quality of hemodialysis patients. CCM provides a comprehensive model for caring for hemodialysis patients, and its executive stages are congruent with the many stages of the nursing process. Practitioners in different domains of nursing care, education, and management can derive great benefit from this valuable care model.

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Keywords: Continuous Care Model Hemodialysis Patients Sleep Quality
Page Range: e35467
Journal or Publication Title: Nephro-urology monthly
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Volume: 8
Number: 3
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ISSN: 2251-7006 (Print) 2251-7006 (Linking)
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